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Polar Loop Activity Monitor

Polar Loop Activity Monitorstar rating 1Carolyn BarrySeptember 21, 2014Most disappointed. Tried to set up Loop to wear in water exercise class. Could not get it to "Sync Now" with my hp computer. Tried often. Discussion on the web site sent me to phone support which is very difficult to get through to. In contrast, my FitBit set up well and has worked flawlessly. Polar Loop does not appear to have its technical support act together.
Polar Loop Activity Monitorstar rating 2Mike HaymoreMarch 9, 2014Does not work with IPhone 4 Does not work with FT 2 Battery does not last 6 days Should have looked at other products
Polar Loop Activity Monitorstar rating 5LisaFebruary 27, 2014I hve a Polar FT7 does this band work with this watch and HRM band?
Polar Loop Activity Monitorstar rating 3Michael HazardFebruary 19, 2014I have nothing to compare against but here are my comments: 1. Charge lasts no more than 4 days vs 6 adverstised. 2. I have an issue with wearing on my non-dominant wrist as I wear a watch also. 3. Not convinced activity, calories burned, steps, etc. is very accurate as it seems to give roughly the same information each day even with significantly different actual daily activities. Still, it gives me more information than I would have otherwise and so I use it.
Polar Loop Activity Monitorstar rating 5Jim FeehanJanuary 20, 2014I like it and it worked great just what I was looking for. Syncs well with my Iphone and Polar HR7 heart rate monitor. The Iphone App is very useful and informative. But lately it is not holding a charge. I have to charge it every night.
Polar Loop Activity Monitorstar rating 1Byron CooperNovember 17, 2013The construction is cheap and flimsy. The data does not make sense. Activities are showing up for future dates. You have to cut the loop with scissors which is a pain and really trial and error. The algorithm is to wear the Loop on the non-dominant hand. If you wear a watch, this is not practical. You can pair this with the H7 strap, but you get to see the heart rate for a second. When you sync the loop with the online app, you get a map of Scandinavia. I would return it, but after a few days, it looks like I had the unit for years. I had been using the Nike Fuel Band and prefer it. I don't believe that any of these monitors can evaluate sleep, even if they say they can. You cannot tell whether someone is asleep based on wrist movements. A sleep lab looks at EEG data to demonstrate whether a patient is actually asleep.
Polar Loop Activity Monitorstar rating 3HenryNovember 3, 2013This product is an activity monitor and it does what it says: keeps a tally of your activity (in steps from the built in pedometer and heart rate if you bought the H7 HRM). Let's start w/ the positives: it looks cool, easy to sync w/ computer to modify your stats and achievements (by using this cool magnetic plug thing that seems to guide itself into the Loop), and it "motivates" you by letting you know if you've moved enough over a certain amount of time. I only have a Samsung Note 2, not an iPhone so maybe that's why I feel this product is severely lacking, overpriced, and inaccurate. And now for the negatives: The Loop seems to measure all movement in your hand as a step. I've been playing on my computer for 1/2 a day and it stated that I took 1200+ steps. It's nice to see the bar fill up throughout the day and see the "goal" picture but I feel that is all I'm getting for $170: a pedometer and 2 or 3 lines of code telling my Loop to say "yay" if you took 3000 steps by midday. I feel money would be better spent on a decent pedometer and a fitness log program you can get on any smart phone: android or iPhone. Oops! Almost forgot! The screen looks cool at night or in the shade but is unreadable in sunlight (LED watches in the '80s had that same problem but I was hoping they solved this).
Polar Loop Activity Monitorstar rating 5CSTSeptember 17, 2013There has been a lot of Hype in the Activity Monitor market for the past 3 years, with Fitbit controlling most of the market share, followed by the Nike Fuel Band and Withings Pulse. Unfortunately there has been a gap (needs) between Active People and Inactive People that has not been addressed with these activity monitors. The current activity monitors (FitBit, Nike and Withings) have been desired by the less active; those whom spend 8 hours a day at a desk and cannot find the extra time to work out each day. The features of these activity monitors have been limited to tracking steps and calories and/ or perhaps sleep patterns. The Polar loop offers the features for both types of individuals. The less active person will be inspired to get the extra step in. Perhaps by taking the stairs versus the elevator, maybe park a little further in the supermarket lot. Whatever it may be, the loop is like having that personal trainer on your wrist reminding you to do more and unlike the Flex, you get instant feedback with the readings on the band. For the more advanced exerciser, Polar beats our the competition by offering Heart Rate option to track intestisty of your workout. (H6 or H7 Heart Sensor Transmitter, not included). Here are some key things about the Loop you should know from out of the box: 1st. The unit has a clasp that clips in place to allow you to take it on/off your wrist. 2nd. The clasp is removable and the loop bracelet does require trimming with scissors to fit your size. Not too difficult, but be sure to check 2x before cutting. The loop does come with a disposable ruler to wrap around your wrist for easy measurement. 3rd. The Loop comes with a USB cable that connects to the computer for charging. Now your ready to go. The loop offers a 1 button easy set up to simplify things, and your off to tracking your activity. Couple key features: Tracks Calories Burned Steps Goals - Gives a fireworks display when goals are met. Sleep Tracking Activity Time - Tells you how long you’ve been awake then shows you how much time you’ve been active. Optional Heart Rate Monitoring.
Polar Loop Activity Monitorstar rating 5TyeSeptember 17, 2013If the heart rate monitor was built in to it, I'd buy one this second.
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